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Leave behind piece.jpg
Leave behind piece.jpg

Who I am: 

I am a European Fashion Designer specialized in Evening, Bridal and

Corsetry design and creation.

My designs show my love for Haute Couture, it's details and beautiful finishings, excellent fit and tailoring, as well as an uncompromised craftsmanship.

My interest in fashion came in second grade, when I saw my father using a nail as an alternative for a lost button to close his trousers. Still in school, I already took classes in couture hand and machine sewing and knitting. I continued designing and sewing garments throughout my whole life. My dream to do what I love so much professionally came true, when I started to study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where I was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Design Summa Cum Laude. In addition, I took extracurricular classes in Haute Couture, in Business Law as well as in Entrepreneurship and had my business plan already prepared before I finished my fashion design studies. I established SIEVERING my Evening, Bridal, and Cocktail Haute Couture and R-T-W Atelier in 2006.  Also in 2006, a silk organza patchwork evening gown, created by me, was exhibited at the Museum at FIT in NYC. In 2008, I won the Supima Inaugural Design Competition for the best knit design with an evening gown in knit piqué and was a finalist in the best woven design category of the same competition with another evening gown in denim. In the 2010 Fashion Group International, NYC  (FGI) Rising Star Award competition, I was not only chosen a finalist, but Margret Hayes, as president of the FGI awarded my atelier's work with the FGI's Special Recognition Award.

In the same year, I also was awarded a patent on a nano/micro tech massaging fabric that is based on the gecko's ability to stick to any surface. I felt more than happy, when, in 2013, I was asked to teach at my alma mater. I never thought that teaching fashion design would mean as much to me as creating a new design myself. I just love to work with students, to help and support them on their way to reach their goals.

In 2018, I moved to Paris, France, where I love to be! While continuing creating Haute Couture in this wonderful city, I also continue to work with students as both is still equally important to me.


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